Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And I pay $250 a month for this level of service?

The 4:40 Fitchburg Express is about 5 minutes out of North Station when the utility closet door starts to drift open due to the swaying of the train. Seeing as I'm sitting right next to it, I reach out and give it a good shove to close it. As it clicks shut, all the power goes out on the train. Nice.


JackCroww said...


The whole train ride was miserable. Due to no air being circulated, it got HOT and it got STUFFY. As we got further and further along, the train got quieter and quieter as people started dozing off due to the heat. When the door was cracked open as we approached South Acton, the in-rush of cool air woke everyone up.

Dan Dunn said...

You're lucky the T didn't slap you with a lawsuit. Talking about things like this is a security risk. What if the terrorists new to close the cabinet door?

Dan Dunn said...