Friday, August 10, 2007


Okay, this is going to sound like a seriously weird thing to get excited about, but it's been that kind of morning.

In my every-so-humble opinion, the best pickles in the world are Cain's Zingers Baby Dills. They're baby dill pickles with whole cayenne peppers and gloves of garlic. Spicy, crunchy, bite-sized perfection, if you like both hot food and pickles.

I noticed one day that they're not on my grocery store shelves anymore. I started trying to track them down, and found that Cain's pickle line had been sold to Gedney Foods so that they could focus on the mayonnaise business. Gedney still sells the product, but not in New England; they only carry them in the Midwest. However, Gedney's customer service team was kind enough to point me here:

I have a case on the way. :-)

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