Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Talk About Rude

I understand that people are in a rush. So am I. But there is no reason to be rude; so when I saw a guy come running in to the t-station, I paused and let him go down the escalator first thinking I was really not in *that* big a hurry.

So I get down to the ticket machines, and, having a monthly pass, I put it into the machine. The same guy I had let go by in his whirlwind down the escalator jumps past me and crashes though the gates. Great. The MBTA now has a 20 minute waiting period before I can use my UNLIMITED MONTHLY PASS!!

So I crash the gate too, and hold my pass up for the T-worker person to see who yells something at me as I head down the stairs to the platform ... because he made *such* a big deal about the guy who crashed the gate on my dime ....

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